Friday, March 5, 2010

New version of trimble GCS9000 grade control system increases flexibility and ease of operation

Claif, S. (2010, Feb. 24). New version of trimble GCS9000 grade control system increases flexibility and ease of operation.

the trimble gcs900 grade contorl system version 11.2 supports new single point mapping functionality. the operator can add the point name and attribute information to a series of collected points like a trench center line. this will increase the ability collect information from the machine and complement the work. this information an then be transferred back to the office over the wireless two-way data synchronization link. and to support the new single point trimble introduced a new remote switch includes a point collection button, which allows the operator to collect, record, and map individual bucket positions. this program also allows users to switch between sensor configuration without the delay of configuration. that's allowing the machine to be utilized more continuously. also the user interface has been updated with more text items to provide the operator with better information in the cab.

this is a great step in developing a control system porgram and combining two of the most important factors in the automation field. It increases the flexibility we meet with a problem of configuration, and helps us to deal with this problem by switching to the second configuration without the need to stop the machine and upload the second configuration. besides, it allows the operater to collect the data in an easier way by using the new remote swithc. and all of these will enhance the performance of the machine and decrease the wasted time, especially in the field of industry and big industry factories. besides this software program will be more safe.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New design of home autoamtion

Home, Jan. 8) from mobile phones to the LTE Connected Car, home automaiton and security will be available via LTE.

the ng Connect program developed the latest capability for the LTE connected car mobile home management from the vehicle; this vehicle will contain a high-speed mobile network. It's built on a hybrid electric car.
Intamac will enable a car to communicate with he company's home management and security system. LTE connected care which has touch screen communication from car to the Intamac's home autoamton systems and you can adust temperature and control lights in a house; also you could communicate with the security system like security scameras in your house.
Intamac Systems is an integration and networking devices which is used to connect with the home. It uses the platform to simplify the installation and deployment of the device.
Ng Connect Program is a multi-industry organization to develop and making deployment faster in the next generation of broadband services based on long (LTE) and other ultra high bandwidth technologies.

The field of automation is very important and interesting at the same time, especially in an industrial field, and using automation system make our daily life easier and more pleasing.
An ng program will produce a big jump in the field of home autoamtion because it enables you to automate your home from outside while you are in your car.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wireless sensor test bed to provide guidelines for industrial systems

Weeks, R (2010, Feb. 3).Wireless sensor test bed to provide guidelines for industrial systems

in many factories using wireless technology is very dangerous because if any interruption continues more than few seconds, it will be a big problem.
wireless sensor networks(WSN) contain many nodes to check the data transfer to the control system,INL, to design and test this wireless sensor to be able to check the weak point in the these networks. and tehy also still check tis system in a laboratory until they are sure it works well.
WSN will manage the transfer of data between th source and the destination and to avoid the tinterruption that could happen due to radio frequencies and cyber interferences. that time, the data will choose different models and styles of wireless hardware. that means we will use different models of wireless hardware and multiple types of instruments with unique characteristics and protocols. and there is a different rule for how data are exchanged between devices.
buttles expects that if the desing succeeds in the laboratory it will be a big benefit to both manufacturies and the customers.

th common idea bout using wireless technology in the field of industry especially in the sensitive factories such as power plant or a nuclear plant is that it is very dangerous, because when you lose the data or the communication for any reason it will be a big problem. and if this design (WSN) succeeds it will be a big jump in the field of the industry for many rasons for examples it will be cheaper than using cables (fiber optic,....) it will provide us with high reliability to change the place of the control system, and we don't need to make extra cable, and also we will avoid the case of crisis such as firing and cable damage. that's mean we will be safer.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

windows 7 update

Johnston S(2010,Jan,27).Windows 7 updates headed for service pack 1.internetnews,Retrieved on Jan,30,2010. from

Although Microsoft did not declare frankly that it will produce service pack one for windows 7, there are many point that refers to the new update of this windows.
Especially when it announced a few days ago many non-security pathes, besides the old problems such as :
-keyboard function keys like mute or calculator may not work correctly.
-the notification icon for an application may be moved or lost when the executalbe application is update. if you configure the screen saver settings to display the logon screen on resume.additionally, you configure the computer to go to sleep. however, the computer may not go to sleep after the screen saver starts.instead, a blackscreen is displayed. this problem causes the operating system to stop responding. you must restart the computer by holding down the power button. And his is not the first time that Microsoft released that there is a weak points in the reliability updates but it also happened in the last october even before this windows reach to the customers and the company solve these problems by updating the readiness tools in the updating system. Actually it will not be very clear to see these changes, they will happened automatically during the system update.
It's good that Microsoft is trying to solve the weak point in her proucts of windows whether in windows 7 or vista besides the other types of windwo server 2000&2003 and the last ove windows server 8. but there are many other points that still aren't fixed such as what happened with windows vista.beside the weak points, there is another problem such as the type of the software which may operate with the old version of windows and will not operate with newer vesion.Also windows 7 needs a high speed processer and ram which started form 4 GB and the type of computer like this high expensive, so it's another problem.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010